Sri- Lanka adventure tours

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Sri- Lanka adventure tours

Years ago, this little Island was visited mostly for the serenity and hospitality by the society around and also perhaps for the moderate clime. Some of course did so occasionally top attend cultural festivities such as the Kandy Perahara the pageant of colorfully costumed elephants and the traditional drum and dance troupes of the Kandyan Kingdom. But it is not confined to these now. During the last two decades, the interests have emerged on different pro-activity which can be summed up as adventure tourism- Significantly nature and wildlife expeditions.

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Holiday makers tend to move interior for more thrills although not failing to bask on the sandy shores. It seems mankind ubiquitously have decided to explore deeper of what nature offers thanks to the environmentalists who jealously lobby for preservation of the ‘green’. The Eco system all over the world is now not only a possessive subject to the biologists and botanists but also for travellers. Thus Sri Lanka has become a hotspot and haunt for such enthusiasts swelling the inflow of tourists. Ready for the demand alike are the travel operators and tour agents in the country. They too constantly discover sites and locations to quench the thirsts of the adventure seeking tourists and also provide the wherewithal with necessities and accommodations plus the food varieties.

The Sri Lankan landscapes are therefore carefully preserved from victimization by so called modern developments and the people and organisations stand up to restrain any unwanted a-forestation or destructions, in order to benefit what nature offers. The Hills and valleys, Rivers and beaches, ancient caves and replicas etc. all are providers of different sorts of adventure. This has changed the paradigm of tourism in Sri Lanka that has existed for many decades.

Almost every itinerary whether in the city or out in the remote, nature safari or cultural expeditions are included. Further, white water rafting, camping and jungle trekking have become almost inseparable or synonymous with Sri Lankan tourism. All these are valued added features along with leisure activities. One of the recent phenomenon is the balloon, which transports above ground along elevations to have panoramic views of the scenic beauty of this pearl of the Indian Ocean. 

Where motor-able roads and by roads are absent, the trekkers do not mind as climbing up and combing the wild but lush jungles excites them with the vast range and diverse kinds of fauna and flora and in some areas marine culture. The latter is usually in a lagoon or waterways that are close to the sea. Tour itineraries are appropriately customised when clients request so.  For instance if it is whale/ dolphin watching there are particular holiday spots such as Kalpitiya on the North West, Trincomalee in the east and Mirissa down South. There are seasons and months that are meant for such and the clients will be advised by the tour operators as to when they could avail these thrills. Similarly every kind of adventure has its own time and period where the tourists could get the maximum tangibility as well as for videoing and journaling.

Do be bold enough to require details whilst detailing your desires if embarking on an adventure tour of Sri Lanka prior to making booking of flight and accommodation. There is so much and not all are described via online. The internet postings are only a glimpse into the vast vistas of opportunities. Hence, a concrete personal communication will help you in defining the itinerary and schedules.